Thursday, July 30, 2009

my faq/checklist for baby birth posters

not sure where or how to start? maybe this will help.
  1. what's the name of your little bundle of joy?

  2. the meaning behind it, if any?

  3. a girl or a boy? it'd be helpful if you want me to decide on the colours or theme.

  4. or perhaps you have your own preference of colour combinations or theme?

  5. what's the date of birth? do you want to include islamic date as well? it'd be awesome if you can provide that for me.

  6. the birth place, if you want it in?

  7. what's the stats? length, weight? apgar test, if you want?

  8. any personal hopes, quotes, a one-liner statement you'd want to give to your child? or do you want me to resource some for you?

  9. what's your preferred size? i usually make a standard A3 or A4, but if you want it customized, then please provide me with the exact size.

  10. do you want me to just design them and you print and frame it yourself? which i'd only email you the PDF and only charge you for the artwork. or do you want me to print it for you too?

  11. do you want me to frame it for you as well? i'd usually get Ikea's Ribba frame in black, white or natural wood colour. (extra charges depending on the size of the frame).

  12. please let me know your deadline. as this is just an supplementary job, and i do have a demanding full-time day job in the creative/marketing/advertising industry, i might not have the luxury of time in my hands. but when i'm free, i'm free. i will try to push your designs as soon as possible, but if if i'm really crunched and your deadline is impossible for me to meet, i will be honest with you and ask for your kind consideration to give me more time to work on the designs. that said, i reserve to right to not accept your order if i know i cannot live up to it. so, please be transparent with your deadline and expectations.

  13. i can only do printing and buying of frames on the weekends. so, delivery might take longer considering that factor.

  14. i prefer to deliver by hand. meet-up only around KL (preferably KLCC on weekdays, curve/one utama on weekends). you okay with that? we can keep in touch and manage the meetup later. but if that is impossible, i can always poslaju it to you, RM10-RM12 applies for postage and packaging. i usually post using hardboard art tube.

  15. if you're ok with everything, i require at least 50% deposit for me to start work. payment can be made COD or through maybank at account no. 164016951574 (Ellisha Johanabas Rosli). if you want your poster framed (ikea frames) i'd appreciate if you could pay me that in advance.
after you provide me with all the necessary information and pictures (if you want. i'd appreciate if you could provide me with a few pictures so it's easier for me to pick and choose which one's the best) then only i'll start designing.

i'll usually come up with a couple (or more if i'm in the mood) for preliminary designs for you to choose from, comment or make changes. and if my first designs do not meet your expectations (because design is subjective, what looks good in my head may not look good in yours), don't give up on me so easily. just let me know and i'll try to come up with some more designs for you till all expectations are met.

unless the request is something i can't do (like, for example a movie poster design for your baby, or something) i'll let you know.

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