Wednesday, September 9, 2009

baby birth poster : Putra Dani

Rinie emailed me a couple of weeks ago and it took a while for me to start on designing because we were going back to and forth with the emails. i came up with 3 black and white designs and she & her husband picked this one to be hung on her beautiful little boy's room. i don't know what 'sweet star screamer' means, probably an inside joke we'll never know. i love it, makes the poster even more personal.

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i am a mummy said...

babe, i just found this blog. nways, r u free on sunday. aaaaa!so hard to arrange a meet up. am soo dying to take this poster. but my husband's always not around n i cant go to the curve by myself. sorry for the late pick up. nways, pls buzz me if u r free this sunday yaa..or maybe saturday evening. thanks!

p/s hp i rosak so i lostall the numbers in my sim card which include urs.

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