Monday, October 19, 2009

baby birth poster : Alwi

Commissioned by Dr Shairil, a friend of my brother's for her son Alwi. she picked 2 designs. both printed, and both framed (the RM20 basic black poster frame).

i love it when my customers like the poster(s) i designed for them so much that they decide to take more than one. of course lah kan. but it's not about the money, it's about the appreciation. and boy, do i appreciate it! and i also love it when my customer is firm with what they want, like Shairil.


Sue Anna Joe said...

I absolutely love what you're doing. Found about this through this baby Alwi's mom's blog.

Insya-Allah I'll commission you to do one for my baby next year! I could probably do one myself, but I doubt it'll look as good as yours! And even if I were to do one myself, mesti like sampai anak tu dah beranak pinak tak buat lagi, cause I take procrastination seriously. Hahaha.

I see some designs here that I really really like! Eee tak sabarnya. Keep it up. Adding this blog to my roll.

If you don't mind, would like to promote it as well in my blog. :)

lisha said...

thanks. free advertising is always encouraged. heh. can't wait to do yours.

Sue Anna Joe said...

Love how different your designs are with each client. Keep it up. Moga melimpah-limpah rezeki, doing something you love so very passionately.

lisha said...

amin. insyallah. thanks a lot.

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