Monday, October 5, 2009

baby birth poster : Nor Khaleel Idris

it's after the long raya holidays and i thought that business was gonna be slow. boy, was i wrong. it's peaking up but not up to the point that i'm shorthanded and overwhelmed by the orders i've received.

got this one commissioned by another mommy blogger, didee (who turns out is my kinda neighbour) for her son idris. i was totally in awe of the photos she sent. i love it when customers send quality photos such as she did (but i know, not everyone is equipped with a dslr and i have to work on the photos (even the camera-phone quality) as best as i possibly could). despite that, there were still some photo-shopping required but all it all, the photos make it easier for me to work on - in terms of looking for the ambiance and colours and generally the whole design scheme. that's how i always work with posters with photos - study the photos first and then decide what compliments them.

i did a couple of designs for her, and she, probably spoilt for choice, picked both.

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