Wednesday, December 30, 2009

baby birth poster(s) : 3 siblings

Azura from Penang requested a poster for each of her child. twins Afiqah and Afifah and brother Aqil. these are yet to be delivered to Penang (sorry, azura)

* picture quality is bad because they're taken with cameraphone. note to future customers, if you want a nice looking poster, please make sure you send me a high-res (large pixel) photos because there's only so much magic i can do with photoshop. it doesn't have to be taken with DSLR, just make sure they're sharp. also, if you send me a photo, make sure you send the original file, not resized, cropped or compressed, because that affect what i can do with your photos. that's all my lecture for today, thank you for listening, heh.

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