Thursday, December 3, 2009

wedding / anniversary / you complete me posters

i've been asked many times by customers, wondering if i could design a sortta wedding / anniversary poster kinda for them. i told them that i have never done one yet, but i'm happy to try. but none probably has the confidence about how the poster would look like. all my poster designs are one-of-a-kind anyway, regardless the brief.

but, i made a few samples for you to see how your "Love" poster could potentially look like. for me, if you have a pretty photo, i rather take advantage of that and use a full-bleed of the entire photo. but if you have low-res photos, i'd make it into a collage or have more graphics or words on them. but again, all posters are specially customized to suit your requirements and details. there are no templates per se. but if you like a certain kind of design from my showcase in this blog (also applies to baby posters) - or it's look and feel of a certain poster, please let me know. i can come up with something like it.

anyway, here are some examples. i did this just for the purpose of making them samples, but since that my anniversary is coming up soon, i'm thinking, i should print & frame one. maybe either one of the last two. what do you think? :



with tags of personal details that matter to us. very personal. a few inside jokes that other people may not understand and would probably have to ask us what's behind it.

the firsts - important dates (in case any one of us forgets )

same prices apply as per the baby posters.


precious innocent said...

nice!!!! new idea!!! gud gud!!!

gud luck!!!

-mama emma®-

aNnAsUeJiE said...

so nice!! kan best kalo husband i ade masa utk buatkan mcm ni! haihhh~

N.Q.R said...

omg!i suka sgt!

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