Thursday, May 13, 2010

baby birth poster : brokk ritchie (my first anak mat saleh poster yo!)

my cousin Liana who lives in Perth, Australia asked me to design a poster as a gift for her friend's new baby. one of her requirements were to research about 'Yggradsil' or the tree of life according to the vikings/Norwegian folklore. and Brokk is of Norwegian blood.

i came up with 4, one with the tree concept, but in the end she picked the one without the picture. good thing too because this was one of the most time that i put in designing a poster. funny story, at first it was all colourful and looked like leprechauns peed rainbow on it and my brother said it looked kinda 'gay movement' with the whole rainbow thing. which i smacked myself in the head for not thinking about it sooner. so we reconsider the colours a bit here and there and after a few emails, we finalized on this :

but hell yeah man, my posters have reached international shores. i'm stoked about it so excuse my bragging for a while. i hope this poster is not the only one. but i promise, i wont go diva on you guys by hiking up prices and what not. :)

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