Friday, July 2, 2010

on grabbing unethical customer issues by the balls

one thing about me is that i trust people from the get go. but if somebody screws up, there it goes. so yeah, while MOST of my customers have been and are wonderful, you know, being serious about me making a poster for them and then paying me for it .... unfortunately, there are some that are not at all wonderful.

some want me (begged even for me to drop every other poster job and my day job) to do a few posters, sometimes up to 2-3 different posters (which means that i came up with 2-4 design options on each poster) and then, back out after i've sent the artworks, apparently due to 'unforeseen' reasons. yeah, right. for all i (don't) know, they've already printed the designs themselves and frame it up without giving me the credit (or money). there are even some, who, at first are okay, going to and fro with changes and comments and when i've printed and emailed/smsed to them for delivery/collection, they went AWOL. and there are also some who already received the posters, even after discounts and free postage ... refused to pay me.

these are the woes of doing business. i don't want to be mean coz that's not good PR but i can't afford to be too nice anymore. sorry to future customers, but i have to take some precautionary measures to avoid more of these woes. so from now on, i will have to ask for 50% advance payment on your projects before i start designing for you. this is to make sure that you're dead serious about your orders and not back away at the last minute. absolutely no refunds if you decide to cancel.

thank you.


okinokiyo said...

this is my first time commenting. i faced the same issue first time doing my birthday biz, but then before doing anything, they have to pay full payment and i only give them small size of image for them to see/approve..and if they want to print themselves, images jadik pecah2..

but take that as lesson to learnt..hopefully ur biz bertambah maju in the future..

precious innocent said...

ours siap kasi perspective view of packaging lg.geram pun ada..

mai, thanx for sharing.. will take note of ur advice in future.

-mama emma®-

N.Q.R said...

babe, i suggest u watermark kan yg gmbr tu kat tengah2 gambar poster. bila dh confirm.. br u buang water mark tu..

lisha said...

i mmg give small resolution before customers approve. but we'll never know if they're much more photoshop savvy than us, kan? tapi kalau photoshop savvy baik terus buat design sendiri.

i think the watermark idea is genius! why didnt i think of that? thank you NQR.

Rozi Rahman said...

Your work is great. Like the idea of watermarking it. Don’t let these few spoil your creativity. keep it up :)

zie said...

Internet busines have so many risks but never thought ppl can do that to you.

Sabar ye Lisha, I am wishing you all d best.

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