Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DIY bookplate freebie

so, i just came up with a new idea for Show The Love this morning : BOOKPLATES! i was like, why the heck didn't i think about this sooner? this is so easy to make! twist is, i'd make personalized bookplates, with variable sizes and shapes. square, longish, horizontal, circles, ovals. with your name, with your picture, with whatever you want on.

these bookplates will make your favourite books a lot more special. also, to remind people whose book to return to when they're done. i know, i've been there. my books are everywhere with friends who don't like to return books.

all you have to do is just order in, include your size, colour and design preferences, any wordings (or in my industry language, copy) or pictures. i'm charging RM30 per design which comprises of 4 different designs (according to the theme). the designs will fit in 1 A4 size paper for your easy DIY printing. (also depending on the size you request).

i'll give you PDF and PNG files, and you just have to print it yourself, cut along the outline, use glue stick or double sided tapes (preferably not the wet type glue) and just stick it on the inside front or back cover of your book. EASY!

as an introduction to this new product, i'm giving away a freebie bookplate label template (size is 3"x5"). click on the ones you want (or all) and save image/drag into your preferred location. print, cut, fill in the blanks and stick 'em on your book. of course, this is not all that i can do. it's just a taste of it. if you want to make it more personalized, just drop me an email!

meanwhile, enjoy these!

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