Thursday, May 17, 2012

still on pause. probably till next year

Hi, all.

First of all, a little pregnancy update. I'm already almost halfway through my pregnancy. Although I'm not puking as much as earlier in my trimester till I had to be hospitalized twice for hypremesis (even fainted at one time) I have since decided to just take a personal break from designing to reserve my energy for the rest of this pregnancy and until a few months after the baby comes.

I will hopefully get back on track and open for orders and inquiries once I am getting the hang of having another newborn and his/her schedule is pretty much predictable and easier to deal with. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences, but believe you me, I am seriously missing designing for you guys and edging to get back to this soon.

till next year!

p/s : for those whom i owe designs and refunds in deposit, forgive me for being forgetful. i would deeply appreciate it if you could email me again regarding reimbursements.


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