Friday, November 30, 2012

..and i'm back!

sorry for the long haitus. i've been getting a lot of order enquires since i took a temporary break, to be honest i could take on the small and easy jobs but it wouldn't be fair to the others. if i take one, i'd better take all. it's just a principal.

anyway, i just had a bouncing baby boy and he's 2 months now, Alhamdulillah. and i think i can take new orders but i will be slow, i reckon. still getting used to having a new bub around. since he's still pretty small and have no set schedule yet, he's still a handful to manage. that, and a 4 year old who has incessant questions about life that needs answers and attention. i hope that is understandable.

so for the time being, i will open orders for POSTERS only, DESIGN AND PRINT ONLY, without frames. as for birthday printables, i will only take on if it's not too much or too fussy to design. but in any case, i will let you know if i could take your orders or not.

so glad to be back in the game. hope to hear from you soon!


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mrs. hisham said...

Congrats Lisha.Finally u are back.penuh sabar menanti nih.ok,waiting for my order dear.hehehe.

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