Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Arwen's My Little Pony Party

Fact: I've been designing a lot of party printables for other moms.
Fact: I've never done one for my daughter's party
Fact: this needs to change

So, last weekend, we threw a small family-only My Little Pony party for my 5 year old daughter, Arwen. and since the whole family was home, and my son's upcoming 1st birthday is only just 16 days away, so we sortta made a joined birthday celebration. his theme was rainbow/chevrons to tie in with Arwen's MLP theme. 

i started just a week before the date with the designing and DIYing and justified to myself more that 15 times within that week how giving people the option of printing and cutting these out themselves is the most genius decision i've made, albeit not so lucrative. i realize that i cannot do the whole she-bang from designing to decorating, unless it's full time and i have no little kids.

since it was not a full-out party, i only did a few items - cupcake toppers, flaglines, mini banners for the cake stand and the dovetail birthday banner, giftbag tags, and character cutouts, which of course i did not design myself but the cutting out was quite an effort nonetheless.

pictures, or it never happened! 

Marshmallow Vanilla Cake by Cupcake Chapter .. just stuck in the toppers with the kids' pictures. and since my mom's cupcake stand was too big for the cake, i kidnapped my daughter's ponies, tamed and tied their manes and arranged the Mane Six around the cake.

the dovetail rainbow chevron birthday banner / garland paper pompoms bought at Daiso

On the dessert table include : my mom's homemade lemonade, MLP & Cutie Marks sugar cookies by ShilaShower, and I made the baby banoffee tarts and blondies. Not in the picture: My cousin's awesomely homemade Shepards Pie.

close-up of the impeccable workmanship of ShilaShower

And here's the birthday girl! Happy Birthday, Sayang!


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