Tuesday, August 25, 2009

baby birth poster : Adam Haris

i got a very unexpected email from Shila, wanting me to design a birth poster for her son, Adam. if you've been following my blog, you'd know why it was such a surprise for me. but anyway, it's all good now and let bygones be bygones. there's no point in holding grudges, it'd only eat you up.

Shila provided me with all the information i needed to design the poster for her, complete a couple of newborn pictures for adam with a quote and colour preference. hence, i came up with a couple of designs and by the power of greyskull and the thundercats, she liked both of them and decided to buy both (one printed and the other soft copy). thanks for your support, shila.


.~jelly D. said...

semua orang dah buat, tapi me yang nak buat since last month cudn't find time to send u a picture of son even tho we live just nearby.

tak leh jadi neh... akan ku cuba hantar secepat mungkin.

anyway lisha... nice job and u r very talented!

lisha said...

awww.. shucks. thanks, babe.

precious innocent said...

tu la.. masa dia blog about ur product dok refresh 10kali la jugak, kot2 ada org lain yg produce same product as urs.. hehe..

xpe la... buang yg keruh, amik yg jernih.. hehe

-mama emma®-

Keanorlinsya said...

heh heh..funny!

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