Thursday, August 27, 2009

baby birth poster : Qaiser Zahrin

from the first time i saw his name i was already taken in by him. Qaiser! that's such a cool name to have, man! your mom has good taste. the moment i saw the name in the email received from Mommy Qastalani yesterday i already have a design/color scheme in my head, but unfortunately i was down with the runs so i couldn't do any design at home.

it took about 2 hours to design a couple of posters for her and it was a speedy reply and approval process too. i started designing this morning and now, before it's even 2, i already have it in my blog! (p/s i will only post it once it's been approved by the customer) as per all the posters i have designed before, this one was fun to do too. i sincerely hope mommy qastalani and little qaiser will love and appreciate this regal looking poster.

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precious innocent said...

omg!!! this is so nice... rasa mcm nak buat review je lg... tp nnt la.. sbb baru sgt.. haha...

keep up d gud work!!

-mama emma®-

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