Friday, October 2, 2009

attention customers : ikea RIBBA frame (black) is out of stock

went to Ikea just now to get some frames for my customers who are anticipating delivery within this (and next week) and found out (wait i just had a moment of dejavu writing that last sentence) ... (snapping out of my dejavu) that the black Ribba frame is not in stock. (my husband) asked a staff and he simply said "there's not even a shipping order so we don't know when the stocks are coming in". that's just great. so i had to call my customers there and then to check and see if they're okay with different colour frames. fortunately the white, natural wood (beige) and dark brown are still in stock.

so my dear customers, i am truly sorry. although i can maybe go ask a frame shop if they can replicate the Ribba frame and probably that would give you a slightly cheaper option, no? i'll get back to you guys soon.

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Reeva Husin said...

Yes.. yes.. not only that. The a4 size for CLIPS frame is also out of stock.

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