Monday, October 5, 2009

baby birth poster : hirzi

got a call from a former neighbour Kak Chiah (her Arwah Mother used to babysit me and my brother, and she used to take me home from school whenever my dad couldnt fetch me, and, her brother in law was the one who gave me my first wound stitch when i poked a hole in my head with a water faucet by accident when i had showering with my brother - sweet memories!) to make a poster for her boy, Hirzi.

this goes to show that the poster is still a perfect gift even when your child's already grown.  

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Chiah said...

Dear Lish
We just loved the output. it was awesome! When i said earlier to suprise me...(colors, design & all) - the end product was mind blowing and it took my breathe away. My boy slept with a big grin on his face. Thank you, lil gal

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