Thursday, March 3, 2011

comissioned baby photoshoot : my first try

i'm diversifying my business. i've already started designing for wedding stationery (which will be featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine Malaysia in May), and people are already asking me if i can design save-the-date cards for their weddings, and also DIY birthday party kits, which i will unveil later as it's still under wraps.

i'm also dipping my fingers in baby/family photography. i've only done but one, but yes, i'm pretty proud of it. here's how it went :

back in november, a fellow mommy blogger who also happens to be my neighbour, Didee, asked if i'd like the opportunity to take photos of her newborn because she liked arwen's photos. i was honoured and nervous at the same time, because arwen's photos? that's not all my doing. they're all collective force of all the people in the house who knows how to operate the DSLRs. but i decided, it's now or never. i mean, how would i know if i'd suck at it if i didn't try it first, right? so i accepted the challenge. but when the day came and Didee delivered baby muhsein, i was busy with the new job and couldnt make time. she went back to her kampung for confinement and we had to postpone until she comes back to KL.

so, during the thaipusam holiday a couple of weeks back, i went to Didee's place and shot whatever i could do within the hour. man! taking of photos of new babies are tough! it's not like they can understand what you want them to do, right? i don't know how you guys (who takes photos of other people's babies professionally) do it, seriously. i seriously don't know what Didee expects and i told her not to expect awesomeness because what i can do is far from it.

i've done my best and here's the result. you be the judge of it. can i turn this into a living, possibly? or just forget about it?


i also made a slideshow as a surprise for the mom. (ok fine. this is not part of the package. it was sort of an afterthought because i couldnt find a blank CD laying around and had to ask my brother for a DVD and there were too much space and i didnt wanna waste it so i made a slideshow).

Thank you Didee, for the opportunity. i had a fun time. hope you like what i did.

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